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Big Oil Benefits from Wind Projects!

In a world where discussions around oil and oil drilling often ignite passionate debates, the environment takes center stage. Environmentalists have long held concerns about the impact of oil on our planet, especially as the issue of climate change gains momentum. They argue that oil pollution and its contribution to global warming are undeniable threats. In New Jersey, Governor Murphy has faced challenges from the Wind Warriors, those people who vigorously reject offshore wind and who demonstrate against offshore wind projects. His response? Accusations that "Big Oil is behind all those who protest offshore wind and they are spreading misinformation." But here's the twist—surprisingly or not, Big Oil is really behind the offshore wind industry. Remember the Inflation Reduction Act, which has played a big part in funding the Offshore Wind projects with billions of dollars? Well here’s the unexpected connection:

Deep in the bowels of the IRA in section 50205 is the requirement for the government to give oil and gas lease sales in exchange for solar and wind development! Governor Murphy, Big Oil is behind your offshore wind projects!!

IRA Section 50205 stipulates that in order for the DOI to issue offshore wind leases, DOI must have offered leases for more than 60 million acres for oil and gas development in the previous year.

During the 10 year period after the IRA was enacted the Bureau of ocean energy management (BOEM) may not issue a lease for offshore wind development unless the agency had offered at least 60 million acres for oil and gas leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf in the previous year. The IRA also broadens the definition of Outer Continental Shelf to include specific submerged lands adjacent to the US territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands.



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