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Join the Movement, Protect Our Environment

The battle to save the New Jersey coast from industrialization continues, sometimes called the War for the Shore.  We are adding the information you need to know, the information that Orsted and other wind companies will not tell you.  Please visit these websites or social media pages from these organizations who also protest the destruction of our environment and our treasured Jersey Shore.
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Not Green, Not Clean Group

Welcome. Not Green Not Clean is a group of concerned citizens of New Jersey who want you to know that Offshore Wind is not a clean energy.  It also does nothing to benefit the reduction of global warning.  It is not only not a clean energy, it promotes destruction of our natural resources and marine and bird life.  Stay with us as we post the latest news about wind energy and its little known destructive story.   

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Please help by donating to Save.LBI.  Your donation helps us to continue to educate the public and to submit legal challenges to to the state of NJ as well as NOAA and BOEM.
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